Sex offenders agree to ‘chemical castrations’

UK Telegraph 06 January 2008

Two convicted sex offenders are set to undergo a “chemical castration” using drugs that curb their sex drive. The pair are the first to be treated under a controversial new programme aimed at preventing sex attackers and paedophiles from re-offending. They will be given daily tablets or monthly injections that reduce male testosterone to levels found in prepubescent boys.

However the measures, which were introduced by John Reid, the former home secretary, have been criticised for being voluntary. Prison doctors and probation officers cannot be certain that sex offenders will continue with their treatment and experts say the sexual craving returns if the treatment is stopped. The programme is not a replacement for jail terms but can be taken as part of a programme in prison or after release. It will focus on those who have the most serious conditions of “hyperarousal” and intrusive sexual fantasies, including prisoners prone to sexual sadism, necrophilia, voyeurism and exhibitionism.;jsessionid=M4C2XOBSOZRLPQFIQMFSFFOAVCBQ0IV0?xml=/news/2008/01/06/ncastrate106.xml