‘Loser’ T-shirts removed from display

Sydney Morning Herald January 17, 2008

Fashion retailer Jays Jays will remove its Miss B**ch and Mr Well-hung T-Shirts from window displays after a New Zealand lobby group complained they were being marketed to children. The Family First New Zealand lobby group claimed the shirts – which carry slogans including Miss B**ch, Miss Wasted, Miss Floozy, Mr Well-hung, Mr A**hole and Mr Pimp – sexualised teenagers and young children. “We should not be subjecting them to adult concepts, experiences or identity before they are mature enough to cope with them,” said Family First director Bob McCoskrie.

Just Group managing director Jason Murray acknowledged the Little Losers range had caused concern in some sections of the community, saying it “has been interpreted as contrary to the Jay Jays brand essence of youthful fun, energy, value and realism”. He said Jays Jays would immediately take all Little Losers shirts out of window displays in all Australian and New Zealand stores and would not restock any shirts that carry alcohol-related messages or sexual innuendos.

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