Kindy sex lesson anger

Mercury (Tasmania – Australia) January 18, 2008

A PARENT has complained her five-year-old daughter was taught sex education at a school in Hobart and revealed she was assaulted by two boys in her class just after the visit from Family Planning. The claims have prompted calls for the course only to be taught with parental consent. The parent, who did not want to be named, said her kindergarten child had come home and “said the word vagina”.

“I was shocked,” she said. “They were taught what a penis and a vagina was, which I don’t think they should in kinder. “I told the principal if I had known anything like that was going to happen, I would have kept my kids at home all week.” The parent said her child told her about the alleged assault when she put her to bed that night. “That’s when she told me that two boys in her class had put their hands down her pants, and she said she bashed them,” the mother said.,22884,23070861-921,00.html