Family First backs anti-anti-smacking petition

NZPA 03 January 2008

Family First NZ says it is not surprised a petition against the recent “anti-smacking” legislation has reached 250,000 signatures. National director Bob McCoskrie said the majority of New Zealanders believed the bill was “ideologically flawed” and it had failed to protect infants such as Nia Glassie.

The petition is being run by former United Future MP Larry Baldock, who hopes it will gain the 300,000 signatures required to hold a referendum before the next election. Mr McCoskrie said MPs from the Green Party and United Future had in the past claimed petitions with less than 50,000 signatures were indications of the public’s wide support. “Family First looks forward to both the Greens and United Future leading the process to scrap the anti-smacking law, to leave good parents alone, and to target the real causes of child abuse and actual child abusers,” Mr McCoskrie said.