Victorian group pushes for baggy-pant ban (Aust)

Sunday Herald Sun October 28, 2007
VICTORIAN anti-crime groups have called for a ban on low-slung pants that expose young people’s underwear. Getting caught with your pants down could become a costly exercise, with calls to outlaw the low-riding trousers and slap violators with a fine. The baggy, droopy-jeaned look that shows off boxer shorts and underpants has been linked to crime. Several US states and towns have prohibited people wearing pants that dip below the waist in public, in a bid to curb crime rates. And critics say Victoria should take a similar hard-lined approach.Australian Family Association president Angela Conway said pants-down bans and legal action against offenders were a good idea. “If that is what it takes to get these people dressing and acting with more decency and respect, they (the bans) should be encouraged,” she said. “This sort of dress is that it’s a sign of a disregard for social cohesion and safety.” But youth psychologist Michael Carr-Greg said the penalties would be below the belt. “This is about demonising young people and suggesting kids who dress in baggy pants are more likely to engage in criminal behaviour.,21985,22660202-662,00.html