Two Lesbians to be named as “Mothers” on Birth Certificates – Father Banned November 6, 2007
The opening of UK’s new Parliament saw the introduction of the Labour government’s new Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill that has been heavily criticised by pro-life advocates as a new “attack on the dignity of human life”. The bill was lauded by homosexual activists in Britain as a “major step forward” in allowing two women to both be registered formally as a child’s “mother” on birth certificates.
The bill, formerly titled the Human Tissues and Embryos Bill, which is likely to pass with Parliament’s heavy Labour majority, will enshrine as a legal reality the homosexual movement’s political notion of two “parents” of the same-sex.It will allow two lesbians to both be called the “mother” of a child conceived artificially by donated ova or sperm. The stipulation that both be called parents of the child applies even if the two women are not in a registered civil partnership. Both women’s names will appear on the child’s birth certificate. The proposed legislation will ban the appearance in such situations of any man’s name on a birth certificate, even the child’s biological father or “sperm donor”.
Liberal Democrat MP Evan Harris, known as Parliament’s most radical campaigner for abortion, euthanasia and the homosexual movement, called the change a “logical and just consequence of the civil partnership provisions overwhelmingly supported in both houses of Parliament.” Norman Wells, of the Family Education Trust, however, warned that the government was going further down the path of a “dangerous social experiment.” He told the Daily Telegraph that the bill posed “serious consequences for individual children and for society as a whole when we start tampering with the natural order and deny children something as fundamental as having a parent of each sex.” “Men and women are not interchangeable and fathers are not an optional extra.”