Too much medicine’ for kids

Herald Sun (Australia) September 07, 2007
ONE-THIRD of parents don’t know how to manage fever in their children and often give excessive doses of medicine. A survey of 400 parents found 32 per cent gave their children incorrect amounts of ibuprofen and 4 per cent gave high levels of paracetamol. The finding that almost 25per cent gave their children ibuprofen every four hours, instead of the recommended six- to eight-hourly intervals, was disturbing, said Queensland University of Technology senior research fellow Anne Walsh, who conducted the study. “About 60 per cent of the parents were university-educated, so I think if we did a larger version of this study, it would be more widespread,” Ms Walsh said.”If you give children too much paracetamol, they can develop liver damage. And if they take too much ibuprofen, it can cause gastro and stomach upsets, and can bring on asthma.” The survey found parents were confused about the advice they received from doctors.,21985,22377569-662,00.html