Teens face zero limit in alcohol crackdown

Sunday Star Times 7 October 2007
Adults who supply young people with alcohol will be targeted by a government crackdown on teen drinkers. The measures would also slash to zero the blood alcohol limit for drivers under 20. However, still smarting from accusations it intruded on parents’ rights in the smacking debate, the government is leaving intact parents’ existing rights under the law to supply their children with alcohol. Research suggests 60 per cent of underage drinkers are supplied by their parents.The moves come a year after parliament narrowly threw out a private members bill raising the drinking age from 18 back to 20. The government scuppered the bill by promising to get tougher on underage drinkers.The Sunday Star-Times understands the Labour-led government is proposing: * The creation of a new offence for an adult to supply alcohol to anyone under 18 who goes on to consume alcohol in a public place. The clause will exempt parents or guardians.

Family First Comment: As with child abuse, the government totally misses the point.
Despite overwhelming evidence that parents are supplying the alcohol (60%) to underage drinkers, the government doesn’t target them. Despite the overwhelming evidence that +95% of parents don’t abuse their children when they correct them with a smack, the government DOES target them!!
And nothing changes.