Teachers being left ‘powerless’

The Press 19 Feb 07
A primary teacher spoken to by The Press refers to a “reign of powerlessness” in today’s schools. Teachers are powerless in the face of defiance by troublesome children, most of whom come from dysfunctional homes, he claims. Asking not to be named, the teacher said he took over a difficult class at mid-year after the previous teacher suddenly left.He cited an instance in which a pupil inclined to bullying began to attack another boy. The teacher stepped between them. “I told him (the bully) to back off, calm down and leave the room. He defied me. I sent another child to get support. He (the bully) then punched me on the side of the face. I grabbed his arms above the elbows and removed him from the classroom. Then some other teachers came and defused the situation,” he said. The teacher sought support from the principal, but received none.

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