Smacking case ‘bad law’

The Dominion Post 23 November 2007
Opponents of the so-called “anti-smacking” legislation have labelled one of the country’s first prosecutions a massive overreaction resulting from bad law. A Masterton father was sentenced this week to nine months’ supervision for grabbing his eight-year-old son by the shoulder, holding the boy on his knee and spanking him three times with an open hand. He pleaded guilty to assault. The conviction is one of the first under a new law which removes the “reasonable force” defence for parents disciplining children. ….Family First New Zealand national director Bob McCoskrie said he had learned of cases in which children about to be disciplined told parents, “You can’t touch me or I’ll tell the police.” “We are creating a paranoid parenting environment,” he said.

Police Shrug Off Criticism of Smacking Case
NZ Herald 23 November 2007