Shocking teen-death rate

The Press 15 Feb 07
Zealand’s children and teenagers are more likely to die before their 19th birthday than those from any other developed country, shocking new figures show.
The statistics, part of a United Nations Children’s Fund (Unicef)-Innocenti Research Centre report called the Overview of Child Well-being in Rich Countries, paint a grim picture of New Zealanders’ performance in taking care of their children.New Zealand ranked last out of 24 Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development countries for deaths from accidents and injuries per 100,000 under-19-year-olds and in the bottom third in several other areas, including:Overall health and safety of children, including health at age one and rates of immunisation (24th ranking of 25 developed countries). Percentage of teenagers in full or part-time education (worst ranking). Teenage pregnancies (24th). Children living in a family without a working parent or in a household earning less than half the median wage (18th). Sharing a main meal with the family several times a week (24th). Children whose parents spend time talking to them several times a week (17th).

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