Sexual Messages Harming NZ Children – Studies

Epoch Times 29 October 2007
Toys, clothes, music and celebrities promoting sexual messages are harming New Zealand children, says the National Council of Women of New Zealand (NCWNZ). Studies in New Zealand and overseas have indicated that the increasing sexualisation of children is harming both their mental and physical development. The evidence suggests that children who are exposed to sexual images suffer depression, eating disorders and lower self-esteem later in life. With Christmas fast approaching the council are advising parents to buy age-appropriate items for their children and ignore the pressure from media and advertising campaigns.In Australia, lobbying by psychologists and child advocacy groups has prompted an inquiry by the Australian government into the increasing amount of sexually provocative advertising to children. “Media and advertising agencies are turning kids, particularly young girls, into commodities, and the effect is devastating,” Victorian Democrat Senator Lyn Allison said. A report by the American Psychological Association points to the dangers when sexualisation leads to girls viewing themselves as objects. “Studies on the cognitive and physical aspects associated with self-objectivisation may function to keep girls ‘in their place’ as objects of sexual attraction and beauty – limiting their free thinking and movement in the world.” “Girls’ preoccupation with appearance ties up cognitive resources and will leave less time and mental energy for other pursuits.”
Family First Comment – a little ironic that the National Council of Women supported the law decriminalising prostitution! What message has that given teenage girls?