Pregnant women to get healthy food grant

Telegraph (UK) 09 September 2007
Pregnant women are to receive a grant from the Government in a bid to encourage them to eat better and improve the health prospects of their unborn child. The “Health in Pregnancy Grant” will be announced by Alan Johnson, the Health Secretary, in a speech later this week in which he will also outline plans to reduce health inequalities between the richest and the poorest in England and Wales. Women in their 29th week of pregnancy will be given a one-off payment of as much as ?200 along with professional health advice on maintaining a balanced diet. The scheme will be in operation by 2009.A Department of Health spokesman said: “It is something that would be put in place in conjunction with health professionals who already visit pregnant women with healthy diet advice.” But how they spend the money will not be monitored, prompting concern from health charities that it could be spent on unhealthy products such as cigarettes and alcohol.