Pizza adverts all gone to Hell

The Business Herald September 07, 2007
The relationship between Hell Pizza’s new owners and Hell’s long-time ad agency, Cinderella Marketing, has hit rock bottom. Cinderella co-owner Matt Blomfield owns 10 Hell franchises, but has asked Hell to buy him out after falling out over advertising for the brand….Cinderella’s exit followed tensions over its controversial ad campaigns for Hell and Tasman’s moves to tone it down. This week Cinderella’s Blomfield said he had notified Tasman he wasn’t confident in the new, more conservative marketing approach and offered to sell the 10 Hell franchises he owns personally…Emails from Hell co-owner Mark Backhaus and his wife Linda to Blomfield show that the brewing problems had turned into a horror show. Backhaus said in a July email that he was ashamed of the Hell brand and his family had boycotted its pizzas. And in an email sent on July 18, Linda Backhaus wrote to Blomfield: “I am shocked and appalled at the disgusting magazine you have produced, as are many other decent, hard-working family members. We, too, have bought this pizza before, but will support the boycott by Family First.“The store’s decor, their menu names and aspects of the pizza restaurant are deplorable. There is no need for a restaurant to publish a magazine, let alone one of this calibre. Our dollars count and we don’t want you to think that your ‘little joke’ of a magazine will bring in pizza dollars. Instead, it will backfire!”Family First had complained the magazine featured tongue in cheek articles on bestiality, a “world exclusive” interview with the stingray that killed Steve Irwin and “provocative pictures” of Nicky Watson.