Parents of obese children to get warning letters (UK)

Telegraph UK 22 October 2007
Parents of overweight children are to be sent official warning letters as part of new plans to tackle obesity, it has emerged. Alan Johnson, the Health Secretary, believes it is in the best interests of the parents if they are told that their children are dangerously overweight. The controversial proposals follow a national weighing programme, which was introduced in schools two years ago in a bid to tackle the growing problem of obesity among children. ….The growing scale of the crisis was revealed in a Government report last week which predicted up to half of adults and 26 per cent of children would be obese by 2050.;jsessionid=N3P3BSMMQJONBQFIQMFSFFWAVCBQ0IV0?xml=/news/2007/10/22/nfat122.xml

Daily Mail 22 Oct 2007
The notifications will be part of a tough new stance to tackle rising levels of obesity, following a national initiative to weigh all children in schools. Ministers including Health Secretary Alan Johnson are preparing to face accusations of stigmatising fat children over the plan but believe it is in the children’s best interest if a problem is formally brought to the attention of their parents.