Parents confused by ‘how to’ TV

Telegraph (UK) 14 October 2007
Parents are suffering a crisis of confidence that means they are no longer sure of the right way to bring up children, warns Britain’s top doctor. Dr Hamish Meldrum, the chairman of the British Medical Association, claims that some young mothers lack family support and are abandoning their own basic common sense to rely instead on advice from “sensationalist” television shows such as Bringing Up Baby. “There is a lack of knowledge and family support that people used to have about how to lead your life, and in some ways these shows try to fill the void, but they do so in a rather superficial and sensationalist way,” said Dr Meldrum, who is a GP.”It’s a bit like Big Brother, always choosing people with personality problems, then putting them in a very artificial environment which in many ways exacerbates some of their problems. “However much programme-makers justify it by saying, ‘We’ve got psychologists on board, we will take people out of the environment if need be,’ come on, they are doing this for TV, not to make people better individuals.”;jsessionid=T00YWYFP311QBQFIQMFSFFWAVCBQ0IV0?xml=/news/2007/10/14/nparent114.xml