Parents ‘allowed to smack children’ – Sweden!!!

The Local Sweden’s News in English 15th November 2007
Swedish parents are allowed to smack their children, as long as they do not hit them too hard, a court in southern Sweden has ruled. Ystad District Court was ruling in the case of a couple accused of assaulting their daughter. The pair were accused after the girl, 5, told a nurse at a medical check-up that she had been hit. …The father admitted smacking the girl on the bottom, saying that the physical chastisement was part of her upbringing. A unanimous court ruled that the father’s smack did not constitute assault – it was not hard enough to be assault, nor was it done with indifference to the pain it would cause.
Smacking is prohibited in Sweden since 1979. From 1980 to 2000 it seems that the number of children who were smacked declined. Since then the numbers have been on the increase. According to an investigation made by the University of Karlstad and the Children’s home Charity, 1,1 percent of the parents who were interviewed in 2000 admitted that they had smacked their child. In 2006 the number was 2.3 percent.