Most believe marriage is still for life

Reuters 13 Feb 07
‘Til death do us part. Or at least that’s what most people on the planet still believe. Seven out of 10 people across the planet still think that marriage should last a lifetime, according to a Valentine’s Day survey released by global research firm AC Nielsen on Tuesday. Muslim and Catholic strongholds in Asia topped global rankings in favor of lifelong marriage in the poll of 25,000 people across 46 countries.
Indonesians were the keenest on marriage for life. The survey showed that 97 percent of them believed in the concept, followed closely by Turks at 92 percent as well as Filipinos and Malays, both 89 percent. In the West, Americans turned out to be the strongest believers in marrying for life, while Europeans from Catholic and conservative countries showed an unexpected lack of enthusiasm for the concept.