Mass vaccine campaign intimidating say parents

Parents who had their children vaccinated in the meningococcal B campaign – and others who did not – told researchers they were unable to get enough reliable information on it. The Government spent more than $200 million on New Zealand’s largest mass-vaccination campaign. More than one million children and teenagers were injected between July 2004 and last December. The programme for those aged five to 19 has now virtually ceased, but the vaccine continues to be offered for infants.A study published in today’s New Zealand Medical Journal found that parents had a “largely unfulfilled desire for reliable, valid and balanced information about the MeNZB vaccine”. …”Parents wanted accurate, balanced and referenced information from the Ministry of Health officials and health professionals, however, most reported dissatisfaction and mistrust with ‘official’ information received. Parents who consented to vaccinate, and those who declined, frequently described the ministry … media publicity as ‘scare-mongering’, ‘controlling people through fear’, ‘fear-driven’, ‘not balanced’ and ‘one-sided’.”Parents of school children were concerned about the graphic nature of information provided to children at school, mostly without consent. One consenting parent says in the study: “They came home from school having seen the promo, they actually sent a video around the schools, they showed it to children as part of the health programme unbeknownst to parents and they all came home within two days of each other, saying, ‘Oh I’ve got to have this injection or we’re going to get this horrible disease’. So, really, faced with the fear of the children, I felt like I didn’t have a choice.”