Legalised prostitution: what sex workers say (SA)

Daily News South Africa September 17 2007 
Durban sex workers have urged the authorities not to legalise prostitution in the lead up to the 2010 World Cup Soccer tournament in South Africa. Making their feelings known to The Daily News this week, a group of women earning their living through sex work claimed that National Police commissioner Jackie Selebi “has got it all wrong”. The sex workers were responding to Selebi’s idea of legalising the sex trade during the world soccer event, a suggestion that has angered many.‘You will still be raped, abused and violated’ “Those advocating legalisation think prostitutes’ lives will improve,” said Sindy a former Durban prostitute. “It won’t happen, because of the nature of the work. You will still be raped, abused and violated. The emphasis should be on encouraging women away from this profession by giving them better options.” She said that legalisation would not mean protection from the law, or improved working conditions.