‘Jail men who pay for sex’ – UK

UK Telegraph 20 Dec 2007
Men who use prostitutes could soon face a fine or even jail under new plans to make it illegal to pay for sex. Deputy Labour leader Harriet Harman, who is also women’s minister, confirmed the Government is studying the law in Sweden, where prostitution was recently made illegal. At present it is not an offence to pay a prostitute, although women can be prosecuted for running a brothel or offering themselves for sale on the streets. There are also some limits on kerb crawling, however this is usually dealt with using anti-social behaviour orders. Speaking on Radio 4’s Today Programme, Mrs Harman said she supported criminalising men who use prostitutes as a means of tackling the rising problem of sex trafficking. She went on: “I think we do need to have a debate and unless you tackle the demand side of human trafficking which is fuelling this trade, we will not be able to protect women from it. “That is what they’ve done in Sweden. My own personal view is that’s what we need to do as a next step. “Do we think it’s right in the 21st century that women should be in a sex trade or do we think it’s exploitation and should be banned?