Free Speech Coalition Launched

Press Release: Free Speech Coalition 28 September 2007
The Free Speech Coalition, a group dedicated to stopping the draconian Electoral Finance Bill has publicly launched itself today. We agree with the Human Rights Commission and the New Zealand Law Society that this bill threatens the human rights of all New Zealanders and is so flawed that it should be stopped, not amended. A replacement Bill should be introduced after there has been public consultation and debate on the key issues – something totally absent from the current Bill.A copy of the e-mail sent out to potential supporters is attached below. Most of the information on what we hope to achieve is in the e-mail and on our website at

If you send an email like this to a friend after January 1, 2008, you’ll be breaking the law. Under the Government’s Electoral Finance Bill currently before Parliament, you’ll be fined up to $10,000, and even be risking a jail term if you do it deliberately. Why? Simply because the email dares to discuss how we run our society. Yes, this Bill is that sinister.

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