Clark denies U-turn on smacking

NZ Herald March 15, 2007
Prime Minister Helen Clark has denied doing a U-turn on smacking, despite the National Party circulating past comments suggesting she does not support a ban. Helen Clark is among 63 MPs expected to vote against an amendment put up by National MP Chester Borrows that would change Green MP Sue Bradford’s bill and allow light smacking….

But the National Party today circulated a transcript of Miss Clark, speaking before the last election, saying she did not support a smacking ban. Opponents have seized on the comments, accusing her of a U-turn. In the 2005 exchange, on Radio Rhema, one of the bill’s most ardent opponents, Family First spokesman Bob McCroskie, asked Helen Clark if she wanted to see smacking banned. The Prime Minister replied: “Absolutely not. Well, I think you’re trying to defy human nature”.