Boycott Californication says family first

NZPA 6 November 2007
Californication, a new show on TV3, is causing outrage before it has even been screened. Family First tonight called for families to boycott companies advertising during the first episode of what it described as the drug, sex and vomit-laden Californication on Thursday night. And New Zealand’s Catholic Church has branded the show as evil.  “Television programmers are simply using shock tactics to increase their ratings but families are sick and tired of this offensive type of programming,” said Bob McCoskrie, national director of Family First NZ. “If companies are concerned about declining standards in our communities, they should not be associated with this show.”Episodes of Californication include explicit sex scenes – one involving violence and rape, and another involving a nun performing a sex act in front of statue of Christ on the cross – nudity, teenage drug use and constant foul language, the inclusion of a child who is exposed to the worst effects of her father’s sexual antics, and an episode depicting two characters smoking marijuana and having sex before one vomits. Mr McCoskrie said it was time New Zealand linked some of the increase in sexual offences, the degrading treatment of women, drug use, and disrespect and abusive language in communities with such programmes, “attempting to be passed as so-called entertainment”. “The Broadcasting Standards Authority and the Censorship Board have failed dismally to protect our communities and children from this type of offensive and pornographic material,” Mr McCoskrie said.