BB gun incident leads to expulsion

The Marlborough Express  21 September 2007
A Marlborough Boys’ College student has been expelled after he fired shots at other students with a BB gun. Another two students who used the gun have been suspended. The Marlborough Express understands the incident started when a year 13 student at the college fired a BB gun at another student’s car before school on Tuesday last week. In Auckland, a teenager recently underwent surgery to remove a BB gun slug from his face, after he was attacked and robbed in a Remuera park by two teenagers. Police have said they have no plans to tighten gun controls despite the incidents, and Police Arms Controller Joe Green said he was satisfied with current gun laws.Lobby group Family First said it was too easy for under-age teenagers to purchase BB and other look-alike guns. The group said they have evidence of a 17 year old purchasing a BB gun from a street market without being asked for ID, and despite being under the legal purchase age of 18. “With an increasing prevalence of teenagers walking around with weapons, gang warfare and physical and violent intimidation and bullying, it is worrying that a teenager can have such easy access to a weapon,” said Bob McCoskrie, national director of Family First. Mr McCoskrie said Family First was calling for an immediate ban on the sale of look-alike guns which could be mistaken for a real gun, and a restriction on the sale of BB and pellet-type guns. 

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