The Press 19 November 2007
A family group has blasted a decision by the police to carry on advertising during TV3’s controversial programme, Californication. Family First, which campaigns for family values, said it had asked the police to withdraw road-safety advertisements running during the programme.”If they want to send the message that drug use and bad language and objectionable acts are OK, then that’s the way to do it,” national director Bob McCoskrie said. “It’s ironic that the police, who deal with sexual crime, offensive language and drug crimes promoted and normalised by this programme, have no problem with an advert playing while it is on.” The police made moral judgments “all the time”, and should do the same regarding the programme. Californication first aired two weeks ago and included a scene of a nun giving oral sex to former X-Files star David Duchovny. Family First is calling on companies which advertised during the first two episodes to pull their commercials while the programme is on. So far, eight companies have agreed to do so, including Cadbury and Burger King. “The placement of adverts implies support,” McCoskrie said. “We are calling on companies to be proactive and consider what the programmes they are advertising with are representative of.” On Friday, Subway and Castrol both also agreed to withdraw their advertisements.