To love, honour and clean the bathroom

The Press 10 August 2007
Sharing chores is almost as important as a good sex life in making a marriage work, according to a new survey. The UMR Research marriage survey found that 62 per cent of New Zealanders rated sharing household chores as very important, just behind a happy sexual relationship at 67%. Nationwide, 62% of women and 61% of men thought sharing chores was very important. Christchurch households lagged behind this figure, with just 52% rating sharing household chores as very important – a figure not broken down into sexes.The survey found that faithfulness was the top attribute, with 92% rating it as very important. At the other end, agreeing on politics was only rated as very important by 4% of the 750 respondents to the survey which had a 3.6% margin of error.