Mums and dads best managers August 16, 2007
PERHAPS business schools should start teaching parenting classes. According to new research, mums and dads perform better in the office. Researchers from Clark University and the Center for Creative Leadership in the US interviewed 347 managers and executives, mostly from large public companies, about their family lives. Then they talked to the participants’ colleagues, subordinates and bosses about their work performance.Those who were committed to family life achieved significantly better reviews. The parents were batter at multitasking, handling stress and negotiating, said Marian Ruderman, one of the study’s authors. “In parenting roles you get a chance to do a lot of the same things you do as a manager,” Ms Ruderman said. “You get to hone your interpersonal skills. You learn how to develop other people. It’s another opportunity to learn from experience.”,23636,22253931-5012424,00.html#