MP’s bill to allow breastfeeding anywhere

NZPA 1 August 2007
Legislation to ensure mothers can breastfeed their babies wherever they are has been drafted by Labour MP Steve Chadwick. Ms Chadwick says if her member’s bill is passed discrimination against breastfeeding mothers will be a thing of the past. “No longer will some cafe owners, businesses and childcare facilities ask mothers to leave their premises when her child needs to be fed,” she said today. “The Human Rights Commission has heard astonishing examples of negative reactions to breastfeeding in places such as swimming pools, food courts and schools.”Ms Chadwick’s Infant Feeding Bill has been put in the ballot box for members’ bills and has to wait to be drawn before it goes on Parliament’s agenda. She said it would end discrimination against breastfeeding mothers by changing the Human Rights Act. 
Family First Comment: Do we really need yet another law on this? Just change the attitudes.