Friday night meal ousts the Sunday roast

UK Telegraph 20 August 2007
Friday evening is the new Sunday lunch time, according to a survey of households in Britain. The traditional roast dinner on a Sunday is gradually being phased out and replaced by a slap-up family meal on a Friday night. The latest research found that half as many households sit down to Sunday lunch compared to the 1960s. Less than six million people regularly eat the traditional roast dinner compared to 1961 when 12.7 million enjoyed the ritual.The survey, compiled by the Future Foundation and the Institute for Social and Economic Research, also found that twice as many households eat a big meal together on a Friday night compared to 1961.Nicola Austin, a director at the Future Foundation, who helped compile the research, said: “Sunday lunch is gradually being phased out as people have changed the way they spend their weekends. “Many now go out with friends and family on Sunday afternoons and often people are at work at the weekends. “Fridays seem to be the most common night of the week when people have time off all together.”