For God and country

Sunday Star Times 12 August 2007
Bob McCoskrie is the likeable, plain-speaking face of Family First, who helped lead the country in three minutes of silence for tortured child Nia Glassie on Wednesday. Less well known is that McCoskrie is a former Radio Rhema broadcaster with a plan to turn pro-family, Christian messages into a force at next year’s election. Working with other pro-family groups, McCoskrie says he will launch “Vote for Family”, a project to expose the voting records of all 121 sitting MPs on key moral issues such as the prostitution legalisation bill, the civil union bill and the anti-smacking bill.”We’re looking at some of the bills we think have weakened families. It tells a story just on the research we’ve done already, McCoskrie says. “We’ll be releasing it next year. We’re keeping the gun loaded.” McCoskrie comes from the increasingly energetic Christian right, who have worked hard since the rise of MMP to find their political voice. His website will allow voters to reward or punish candidates based on their voting record on key issues, and he won’t say which party is likely to come out on top.Family First has no plans to run candidates and they have no links with an Australian Christian-based political party called Family First. McCoskrie’s organisation “is a voice for family, it’s not a voice for Christianity but you’re right, people involved in it have a Christian background”.”We want to encourage good open robust debate in New Zealand. Political correctness has stifled that a little bit,” he says. “What we’re starting to tap into… there are many people out there who may not be regular church attenders who are concerned about the moral breakdown, they’re concerned about standards in the media in terms of violence and sexual content, they’re concerned about violence in the community, they’re concerned about the breakdown of marriages.”
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