Children shunted from one home to another – MP

NZPA 14 August 2007
More than 1000 children were moved in and out of foster care at least three times over the past year, the National Party says. Associate welfare spokeswoman Anne Tolley said the situation was very serious. She released official figures showing 1038 children, including 111 babies, were shifted at least three times.”One six-year-old girl in Taranaki changed homes nine times, and an 11-year-old boy in Christchurch was passed around 11 times,” she said. “That’s almost a new home every month.” Ms Tolley said moving children around was “dreadfully damaging” and the Government was not dealing with the problem.

Outrage at 11 moves in a year in fostercare Christchurch Press
Family First notes: NZ has just over 5,000 children in care.