Children ‘should not be put on low-fat diets’

UK Telegraph 16 August 2007
Children should not be put on low-fat diets despite concerns about obesity, according to experts. Fat can be included as part of a healthy and balanced diet and has an important role in helping youngsters grow, they said. The study comes after women were warned not to eat junk food while pregnant as it can set their child’s taste for fatty and sugary food for life, putting them at risk of obesity.Other studies have said children should not be given low calorie diet food because it could make them over-eat to compensate. The research, published in the Nutrition Journal, found that children’s bodies burn a gain a greater proportion of their energy from fat than adults. Experts said the way to make sense of all the latest evidence is to eat a sensible, balanced diet, without restricting any one food group and to take regular exercise.;jsessionid=CH3L2AVXRCW0VQFIQMFSFFWAVCBQ0IV0?xml=/news/2007/08/16/nfat116.xml