Childcare next poll bonus

The Australian August 04, 2007
THOUSANDS of parents will receive a childcare cash bonus of up to $4200 from the federal Government as they prepare to go to the polling booths. The Howard Government will begin handing out the one-off bonus through Centrelink from next month — just weeks from the start of the federal election campaign — as part of its budget measures to help families cope with crippling childcare bills. Under the old regime, parents were forced to wait up to two years for a 30 per cent rebate on childcare through the tax system. The pre-election bonus — about $800 for each child on average but potentially as high as $4200 a child — will be a double win for parents as it lands in their bank account about the same time as the 2005-06 rebate is delivered via their tax return….The figure was based on a child attending a long-daycare centre for 50 hours a week. With most children spending about 22 hours a week in childcare, the average rebate is about $800 a child per annum. The Treasurer also used the budget to offer succour to low-income families by increasing the other childcare assistance measure, the means-tested Child Care Benefit, by 10 per cent. Mr Costello said the two measures, worth an additional $2.1billion to Australian families, were designed to “help mothers who want to take part in the paid workforce to do so”.,25197,22186291-11949,00.html