Social breakdown ‘is costing Britain ?102bn every year’

Evening Standard UK 05 July 07
The cost to Britain of social breakdown is running at ?102billion a year, according to the Tories. The party’s review group on social policy will put a massive price on the effects crime, poor education and family break-ups have on the economy…It prompted David Cameron to confirm that tax cuts for couples are part of the Tory agenda and will be used to shift the balance of state support in favour of families.It is understood that the social justice policy commission used Government statistics to cost the overall impact of social breakdown at ?102billion a year. The total is made up of ?24billion for family breakdown, ?18billion for educational under-achievement and ?60billion for crime.Six months ago Mr Duncan Smith and his taskforce warned that family breakdown and debt are out of control. Mr Cameron has already promised to overhaul the tax and benefit system to recognise marriage and reverse Labour policies which encourage couples to earn more benefit by living apart. The Tory leader said he would “set a simple test for each and every one of our policies – does it help families?”