Parents may be prosecuted for insults

Sunday Telegraph (UK) 22 July 2007
…But mothers and fathers who insult each other in front of their children may now find themselves on the wrong side of the law. Australian courts have begun ordering parents to refrain from making offensive remarks, claiming that constant carping between couples can damage young minds. The orders relate not only to expletive-laden abuse, but to any remark that might be used by one parent to turn a child against the other. The type of comments that have attracted judges’ opprobrium include many seemingly innocuous ones, such as references to “Your silly mother”, or asking “Has your father got a job yet?”.;jsessionid=V5XOFZ2GRXMEHQFIQMFSFFWAVCBQ0IV0?xml=/news/2007/07/22/winsult122.xml

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Calling a child ‘naughty’ can traumatise them, say experts 16 Oct 06
Parents should not call their youngsters ‘naughty’ because it damages their self-confidence, a childcare expert controversially claimed. Annette Mountford, chief executive of the parenting organisation, Family Links, said that children’s self-esteem is run down by such branding, even if they are behaving badly.Parents must not shout at their youngsters and should only call their behaviour naughty, rather than saying they are naughty themselves.

Family First Comment: These cases all highlight the trend to dictate parenting practice, even to the point of using the weight of the law, with little regard to context and the increasingly difficult task of parenting in today’s culture. While parents need to be encouraged to “behave”, how long before a law is introduced to ban parents calling their children “naughty”???