IVF children ‘are twice as likely’ to suffer poor health

Daily Mail UK 20 July 2007
Children born following IVF treatment are almost twice as likely to suffer ill-health, experts have warned. A study of hundreds of seven-year-olds has revealed that they are admitted to hospital much more frequently than other youngsters of the same age. While many of their illnesses were common to all children, those born through fertility treatment suffered more fits and more conditions connected to the brain and immune system.The British study also showed that IVF twins tend to require more hospital treatment than youngsters from single births. The figures, published in Human Reproduction, a respected medical journal, will fuel fears over fertility treatments. Previous studies have shown that young men conceived this way are more likely to be infertile. IVF babies are also more likely to suffer from birth defects, including heart problems, and are thought to be at higher risk of autism and cerebral palsy.