Hell Pizza feels the heat

Eastern Courier 25 July 2007
Hell Pizza’s magazine featuring a scantily-clad Nicky Watson, gags about Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin’s death, condom jokes and other sexual related marketing have resulted in numerous complaints to the Advertising Standards Authority. Executive director Hilary Souter says since 2005 a number of people have contacted the authority concerned about Hell Pizza’s marketing campaigns. There have been 14 advertisements that have caused concern. One campaign where condoms and instructions on how to use them were put in letterboxes prompted 685 complaints.Hell Pizza’s general manager Colin Mellar says he has had a combination of complaints about the magazine. He says their marketing is not targeted towards any age and has no problem with his children aged five and 12 reading the magazine. “I am comfortable with the content of the magazine and distribution,” Mr Mellar says.Family First national director Bob McCoskrie is concerned the advertising standards authority has set a precedent where social responsibility is forgotten when advertisers push the boundaries. “It’s a game to advertisers,” he says. “The more we normalise such things as degrading women, bestiality and swear words the more we’ll see it in the community. “It is not up to a pizza company to set morals for children, it’s up to the parents. “Hell Pizza push it in front of kids before it is appropriate.”