Couples ordering designer dads

Herald Sun (Australia) July 16, 2007
DESPERATE Australian couples are buying sperm from anonymous “designer donors” through overseas websites. The donor dad’s religious beliefs, university major, temperament, ethnic ancestry and even voice recording are available at the click of a mouse. The trend has astonished IVF experts because the commercial trade in sperm is illegal in Australia and donors in Victoria must be registered. Ethicists say the situation makes a mockery of Australian laws.The sperm bank advertises physical traits – even offering photographs of the donor as an infant. The results of a temperament test, which assess the donor as having one of four temperament types, are also available for a fee. Voice recordings of donors, sketches of his facial features, in-depth medical histories and even high school test results can be bought…. Specimens from the US site cost between $US250 and $US500 and a donor dossier can be bought for an additional fee.,21985,22081205-662,00.html