Regular smackers may face charges

The Dominion Post 20 June 2007
Parents who regularly smack their children despite warnings face prosecution and referral to Child, Youth and Family under police guidelines on the controversial law banning physical punishment. Even parents found to have used “minor, trivial or inconsequential” force and not charged will have their details recorded by police family violence coordinators, under the guidelines sent to officers yesterday. The advice, from Police Commissioner Howard Broad, is a crucial element in the implementation of the law that abolishes the defence of reasonable force for parents who smack their children. The law comes into force on Friday.Family First director Bob McCoskrie, who led a massive campaign against the law change, said the guidelines confirmed many of the fears raised by opponents. “Who’s going to be the lucky test case parents who have to go through the hell of a prosecution? If the police are saying ‘we’re not sure’, how in the heck are parents going to be certain that they’re parenting within the law?”

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