Promoting promiscuity under guise of safe sex

The Dominion Post 26 June 2007 KARL DU FRESNE
Why does the government continue to give taxpayers’ money to the Family Planning Association? By any measurement, this largely state- funded (and grotesquely misnamed) organisation has been an utter failure. New Zealand has the second-highest rate of teenage pregnancy in the OECD and our abortion rate remains one of the highest in the developed world. The rate has more than trebled since 1980 and, most tellingly, it has steadily increased in the age groups where the FPA directs much of its efforts. For girls aged 11-14 it has doubled since 1991, and for older teenagers – those aged 15-19 – it has risen by 60 per cent.The FPA’s own surveys show young people are having sex younger and putting themselves more at risk. Gonorrhea cases are up by 52 per cent and chlamydia by 28 per cent. In the Auckland area, 53 per cent of people with gonorrhea are aged between 15 and 24 and antibiotic-resistant cases are increasing. What is the FPA’s response to these damning figures? It says we need more sex education. But any objective assessment of the FPA’s record would suggest it is precisely this policy that has failed miserably.