Professor warns against using teen boys as babysitters

NZPA 1 June 2007
An Australian academic who found 10 per cent of New Zealand children she surveyed had been abused says parents should not use teenage boys to baby-sit.
Professor Freda Briggs, a lecturer at the University of South Australia, said male adolescents can pose a risk with young children, the Adelaide Advertiser reported. Her survey of children aged five to eight in New Zealand found 10 per cent had been abused by a teenage baby-sitter, but Prof Briggs said the real number could be much higher.”If there is a choice, choose girls without their boyfriends to baby-sit your children,” she said. The child abuse expert – who has previously helped New Zealand police with work in schools related to child abuse – said male adolescents were too curious and hormone-charged to be trusted with young children.