Girl bands ‘give wrong idea about body shape’

Times On Line (UK) 1 June 2007
Girl bands have been condemned for giving teenage girls a damaging idea of what a woman’s body should look like. Watching videos of groups such as the Sugababes and Girls Aloud for only ten minutes can have the same detrimental impact on teenagers as seeing skinny catwalk models, researchers said. The conclusions were part of a study into the impact of music videos, which shows that females aged 16 to 19 feel worse about their own bodies after seeing the performances.Researchers said the singers “epitomised the ultra-thin beauty ideal for young women” and were damaging the way that their fans thought about themselves. The videos glamorised “unhealthy and unobtainable body ideals”. “Music videos often feature scantily clad models whose dance movements further high-light the size, shape and proportions of their bodies,” the researchers reported. “Among these idealised models are young women who epit-omise the female ideal of ultra-thinness, and who can function as aspirational role models for adolescent girls.”