Crusade to save Aboriginal kids from abuse

The Australian June 22, 2007
A Lesson for NZ – this is how you tackle the real causes of child abuse!
JOHN Howard will seize control of Aboriginal land in the Northern Territory, banning alcohol and pornography and using the military to attack the “national emergency” of alcohol-fuelled sexual abuse of children. In the most dramatic revolution in Aboriginal affairs since the 1967 referendum gave the commonwealth power to enact special laws for Aborigines and include them in the census, the Prime Minister will forcibly quarantine half of the social security payments to most indigenous community residents so that parents spend money on food and rent instead of alcohol.Scores of doctors will be drafted to examine all 23,000-plus indigenous children in the Territory aged under 16 for evidence of sexual abuse. Over the next month, Mr Howard will flood indigenous communities with police and the military, who will offer logistical support to rebuild communities from the ground up. The unprecedented power grab comes a week after the release of a report that revealed rampant and often-unreported child sexual abuse in Territory indigenous communities, with children as young as three exposed to hard-core pornography. It described frequent attacks on children by family members and their friends after parties featuring drug use and binge-drinking.,20867,21947691-601,00.html