Proof it pays to stay on in school

The Age Australia May 25, 2007
Money talks. So, for all those students looking for an added incentive to finish secondary school, look no further than a report released yesterday by the Australian Bureau of Statistics. The research paper, which reveals the exact dollar value for students who complete year 12, shows that men who finished year 12 in 2001 will earn $258,900 more in their lifetime than their counterparts who didn’t complete school. Meanwhile, women with a secondary education had a similar advantage over their peers without a high school certificate, earning $210,200 more.Adding more weight to the case for school retention while highlighting the disadvantage borne by early school leavers, the report shows the gap between the earning capacity of students with a high school certificate compared to those without, has been increasing each year. In 1986 it was about $197,600 for men and $137,500 for women. Author of the research paper Hui Wei said this gap was likely to continue to widen, making secondary school education even more essential to getting a good start in life.