Pies and chips still rule in school

NZ Herald May 28, 2007
Sausage rolls, hot dogs, pies and biscuits remain at the top of the menu at schools, a survey has found. Increased awareness of the dangers of childhood obesity and the release of Food and Nutrition Guidelines for schools seem to have made little difference to what children are offered to eat, according to the Green Party.The party’s third annual survey of 50 schools found that 84 per cent of them still sell pies, hot dogs, sausage rolls or hot bites. There was no fruit on the menu of 48 per cent of the schools surveyed and fewer schools were offering rolls and sandwiches than in last year’s survey. Green Party Health spokesperson Sue Kedgley said: “Given the continued focus on childhood obesity, and rising rates of type 2 diabetes and dental decay it was extremely disappointing and frankly baffling to find that schools are still selling foods that undermine rather than contribute to children’s health and their ability to concentrate and learn in class. “Most parents wouldn’t feed their children a constant diet of pies, sausage rolls, donuts and chips, so why do we allow our schools to sell this sort of food?”