Parents need to set boundaries

The Press 9 May 2007
Parents need to set boundaries early on and remember they – not the children – are in charge of the relationship, experts say. Parents Centre chief executive Viv Gurrey said parents needed to develop a good relationship with children while they were still young, so when they became teenagers they felt comfortable with their parents. “Incidents like these do raise issues about whether parents are setting parameters and boundaries for their children,” Gurrey said, speaking after the out-of-control party in St Albans last Saturday night.Family First spokesman Bob McCoskrie said that parents faced an increasingly difficult job. “We talk more now about the rights of young people and that can make it pretty difficult for parents. “There is a clash between children having the right to privacy and so on and the responsibilities of parents to ensure children are safe. “Parents have to be pro-active,” McCoskrie said. “We think parents should be given more support.”