Newly marrieds outnumber newly divorced couples 2 to 1

NZ Herald 04 May 07
More than twice as many resident marriages were registered last year than there were marriage dissolutions. Statistics New Zealand figures released yesterday show there were 10,100 dissolution orders in the year to December, and 21,500 resident marriages. The number of marriages was higher than the 2005 figure of 20,500.Acting Government Statistician Dallas Welch said the increase was due to a rise in first marriages. In both 2006 and 2005 the same number of marriages – 2000 – were registered to overseas residents. This figure was made up of wedding tourists and expatriate New Zealanders returning to celebrate the big day with family and friends, Ms Welch said. There were 397 civil unions registered to New Zealand residents in 2006. Of these, 319 were same sex unions – 131 male and 188 female. There were also 33 civil unions registered to overseas residents.