Mixed views on who did most to help smacking law

NZ Herald May 28, 2007
National leader John Key has been given more credit than Prime Minister Helen Clark for the compromise on the anti-smacking bill by those questioned in the Herald-DigiPoll survey. But about the same number of people think neither should be given credit. The poll also shows that while a majority are not satisfied with the new law, opposition to it is not as overwhelming as was apparent before the compromise was reached. But concern was strong enough to register for the time as the most important issue facing a small number of voters….Asked who deserved the most credit, 14.8 per cent believed Helen Clark should get it, 31.2 per cent believed Mr Key should get it and 45.5 per cent believed that neither should get credit.The rest did not know or would not answer. The poll also summarised the compromise that had been reached between Labour and National and asked if respondents were satisfied with the new law: 44.2 per cent said yes and 52.7 per cent said no.