Latest crack at Easter trading fails

NZPA 17 May 2007
Another attempt to extend Easter shop trading hours failed when MPs voted against giving local authorities the say on whether shops should open on Easter Sunday. The Shop Trading Hours Act Repeal (Easter Trading) Amendment Bill was defeated 64 to 57 on its second reading. The legislation, which was a conscience vote for MPs, would have allowed territorial authorities to decide – after consulting their communities – whether shops in their area could open on Easter Sunday.The bill was promoted by Labour’s Rotorua MP Steve Chadwick who said the legislation had come about after surveys in Rotorua found the majority of retailers wanted Easter trading. Ms Chadwick said the bill would have created a “level playing field” with those traders which were already open on Easter Sunday. But MPs opposing the bill last night argued it would undermine worker protections and bemoaned the impact on families of people working on the holiday weekend. Was shopping on an extra day really the most “pressing” issue facing the nation given the importance of family time, Labour MP Sue Moroney asked.